WCASY members Alan Wherry, Viktor Bondar and watchdog John Noyce

Email of Alan Wherry to Viktor Bondar, both WCASY members, asking SY Yura of Kiev to remove links of www.adishakti.org from his website

From: Viktor Bondar
To: "Yura" < inspired@inspired.kiev.ua>
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2006 17:23:59 +0200
Subject: Fw: Hi Viktor

John Noyce of Australia has been keeping a close eye on the activities of the owner of www.adishakti.org, who used to be in SY but clearly isn't a Sahaja Yogi now, and is openly critical of all Sahaja leadership, including, at times Shri Mataji Herself.

He is somewhat eccentric and for example, advocates not using a photo of Mother when meditating, not footsoaking etc. The owner of this site, one Jagbir Singh of Canada is on a crusade to spread his own eccentric, supraconscious view of what Sahaja Yoga is, and where possible we should advise people not to go there - although of course, individuals are free to do what they like.

John tells me that the web site http://inspired.kiev.ua/about/ links to www.adishakti.org

Obviously, I don't know the owner of that web site, Yuriy Linnyk, whether he is Sahaj or not, but in the event that he is known to you, is it possible that you might prevail upon him to remove the link as it contains much erroneous and inaccurate information. Yuriy lists adishakti.org before the official Sahaj Yoga website.

Much love and best wishes

Jai Shri Mataji

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