"You should be absolutely clear all the time ... vibrations should be flowing in both hands." Guru Puja 2008

"Many of you have felt the cool breeze on your hands and out of your brain. Some have grown in Sahaja Yoga, some have not. Some are still carrying on with old catches. But now I have to say that quite a lot of you can become gurus, means teachers. And should you act as teachers. To act as teacher you know Sahaja Yoga, the theory and the practice of it, thoroughly well. And then you can become great guru. It is a very big responsibility, lot of understanding for a guru."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
2008 Guru Puja, Cabella, Italy

i seriously doubt there are more than a handful of SYs who know about Sahaja Yoga. The vast majority follow the SYSSR which is just the first chapter out of 108. To act as teacher you have to know Sahaja Yoga, the theory and the practice of it, thoroughly well i.e., the remaining 107 chapters. i have stated a few of the chapters in my opening post, chapters that the SY rank and file neither have the conviction of knowledge nor the faith of belief to stand on. The SYSSR mindset is so insidious that they are not even conscious or conscientious of collectively committing a crime against humanity!

Main Entry: in•sid•i•ous
1 a: awaiting a chance to entrap : TREACHEROUS
b: harmful but enticing : SEDUCTIVE
2 a: having a gradual and cumulative effect : SUBTLE
b of a disease : developing so gradually as to be well established before becoming apparent.

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

"You should not have any ego first. You should not have any of your chakras catching. You should be absolutely clear all the time. And then the vibrations should be flowing in both hands. If they are moving in one hand and not in another, you cannot become guru. So you have to be a perfect Sahaja Yogi, then you can be a guru."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
2008 Guru Puja, Cabella, Italy

This statement effectively removes most SYs. After years of daily foot-soaking and ritualistic treatments to rid of the ceaseless catches, SYs cannot suddenly claim themselves to be free of catches. Shri Mataji insists that they have to be absolutely clear all the time, and the Cool Breeze must flow from both hands.

When i joined Sahaja Yoga the collective leader told me in no unclear terms that i will never be catch-free. The reason: i told him that i hardly feel any catches and the Cool Breeze is flowing freely. And in all my years in Sahaja Yoga there was this daily regimen of SYs trying all sorts of treatments to rid themselves of catches. i know some go to Vashi, India, only to relapse a few weeks/months after returning .... compliments of the SYSSR mindset in their collectives.

But i have come a long way from that all-consuming catch culture of our SY collectives. i have experienced for years that it is possible to be catch-free and have vibrations flowing from both hands 24/7, provided you leave it entirely to the Mother Kundalini:

"Kundalini will rise and She will cleanse you completely. Kundalini will rise and always cleanse the chakras."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Sydney, Australia, March 31, 1991

For the majority of SYs that is not possible and i must be making it up. As new SYs are made to believe: "You can never be catch-free", i guess i must be lying that the Mother Kundalini is capable of ridding all catches. And Shri Mataji must be too! Otherwise how did the 1001 treatments of SYSSR come into being, and what was their need if the Mother Kundalini will rise and always cleanse the chakras?

But we must look at the bright side. That you have to be absolutely clear all the time and that vibrations should be flowing in both hands almost eliminates the entire SYSSR population. (Anything to cheer you up folks.)

"And so many of you can be, but you have to attain first, `Are you capable of being a guru or not?' With humbleness you will understand, those who think they can be guru, should become gurus, because now I can't travel from places to places. And you have to do my job, is to give realization to people. But you have to be able to give en-mass realization, then only you could be a guru. If you can give en-mass realization, then you could be a guru."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
2008 Guru Puja, Cabella, Italy

Since 2000 Shri Mataji has drastically cut down Her travels and public programs have been completely curtailed. She wants us to give self-realization [which is far more deeper than the shallow SYSSR being peddled]. But this self-realization must be en-mass involving hundreds or thousands of people, and both the internet and future looks promising. Perhaps we may be able to get deep and enlightened souls taking part in the Resurrection who are up to the high standards of guruship.

i can chisel in stone that SY followers of the SYSSR have absolutely no chance of meeting the basic requirements of being a guru since strict adherence to truth is the fundamental character of a guru, a mandatory mark above all others. That is why the difference between the teachings of Shri Mataji and that of the heavily edited version of the SY organization will always surprise, even shock, all who visit http://adishakti.org. Since Shri Mataji cannot travel and continue anymore, that is the only site that guarantees that the Adi Shakti's advent and message in its entirety will now survive and flourish in future, all the more with the revolutionary changes She has set forth!

a happy future of freedom (from WCASY) for all,


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