They (WCASY members) seemed to be upset that She didn't mention once the World Council

"So it seems that the issue was the creation of a smaller commitee, and Shri Mataji was very angry, She said commitee maybe, but no more tha(n) 10 people. And Gregoire repeated loudly many times : "but Shri Mataji, we are here!". Apparently, Shri Mataji left the pendal very angry, She did not make Namaste, and as She was entering into the limousine, She repeated " commitee, MAYBE, but not more than 10 people." - Isabelle Morgan"

From: Xxxxxxxx
To: adishakti_org@...
Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2008 10:55:55 AM

Dear Jagbir ji,

I heard Mother might be coming to Canada and that HER daughter's visa is awaited. Based on your last post and Isabell's mail it seems there is a great divine turning point ahead. Even based on the message below and the news about visiting Canada, it seems some leveling would take place.



Dear Xxxxxxxxxx,

Thank you (and all others) for sharing your email/hope/anticipation that a great turning point in the fortunes of Sahaja Yoga is in the making. Without question, this new revolutionary approach will work provided that Her devotees are up to the task of fulfilling that supreme task given to them i.e., the emancipation of humanity (that was previously controlled entirely by WCASY/leaders and lots of "yes" men and women peddling the SYSSR).

Maybe it will take some time for this unparallelled freedom to sink into the hearts and minds of SYs, so used they are to being told that only the official SYSSR version--not the Adi Shakti's advent and message in its entirety--must be followed.

So let me complete commenting on the remaining talk so that we can make an informed decision as to which path to take at the crucial crossroads of 2008 Puja Speech. This is a most important decision for all of us, and the path we take will set the pace and passion of change. No WCASY member or country leader/coordinator is going to announce this ground-breaking responsibility with the same enthusiasm as Sir C.P.'s infamous bestowing of powers/transfer of Her Will to the World Council ...... far from it. They will downplay and water it down, and it will be business as usual.

And just to give you a clue of the WCASY power struggle to again dominate a new committee proposed by Shri Mataji, i quote from this confidential email from the horse's mouth in Cabella, Italy:

"So it seems that the issue was the creation of a smaller commitee, and Shri Mataji was very angry, She said commitee maybe, but no more tha(n) 10 people. And Gregoire repeated loudly many times : "but Shri Mataji, we are here!".

Apparently, Shri Mataji left the pendal very angry, She did not make Namaste, and as She was entering into the limousine, She repeated " commitee, MAYBE, but not more than 10 people." (end)

The old guards want to desperately cling to power, addicted as they are to basking in the limelight and thinking they are chosen intermediaries between the Divine and the submissive mass of SYs. And since they are all gathered in Italy, it is easy for them to have papal-like dreams, and visions of ascending to the Divine Realms to the deafening sound of a million conch shells welcoming home these valiant spiritual warriors!

It is indeed a great insult for WCASY members, all bound for the great glory of heaven, to be subject to such earthly humiliation. That is why it was necessary for Gregoire to loudly and repeatedly register his indignation and loss of face on behalf of all the chosen ones: "but Shri Mataji, we are here!" ..... so why do you want to get others to do the job? Don't you trust us? And what are we going to tell SYs when we get home? Don't you realize you are insulting us? Can we get Sir C.P. to overule and veto your rash decision? Maybe we should again get you on Risperidone and let Sir C.P. take over!

So Gregoire repeats: "but Shri Mataji, we are here!" .... "but Shri Mataji, we are here!" ..... "but Shri Mataji, we are here!"

But Shri Mataji ignores all his squawks on behalf of the WCASY vultures jostling for prime pecking positions around Her. It is indeed the dawn of a new era as the sun finally sets on the long reign of the priestly class that pretended to be the popes, archbishops and bishops between their frightened, fawning masses and the Divine.

i hope i made your day Xxxxxxxx (and others as well),


Dear Isabelle and all,

It is obvious now that WCASY members are upset that Shri Mataji never once mentioned the World Council, and yet had given SYs unheard of and unprecedented powers ........... powers that WCASY members never even dreamt of in the wildest of dreams.

Of all the astonishing bestowment of powers, i believe allowing SYs to be themselves worshipped must have made a few WCASY members purple with subdued rage, and partially green with jealousy. THAT IS AN EARTH-SHAKING POWER!!! ................ And all that Shri Mataji gave the World Council was to organize and stimulate the spread of Sahaja Yoga. Lest papaji enamoured SYs are doubtful, let me remind you all exactly what Shri Mataji had in mind when She created the WCASY:

"World Council for the Advancement of Sahaja Yoga
Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Dear Sahaja Yogis and Sahaja Yoginis of the World,

We are extremely honored to share with you the great news concerning a dynamic event in the history of Sahaja Yoga world wide. Last week before She left America, Shri Mataji created a World Council for the Advancement of Sahaja Yoga. The purpose of this body is to stimulate the further growth of Sahaja Yoga and to provide support to the efforts of all the national collectives. The new World Council for the Advancement of Sahaja Yoga is composed of 19 members designated as world leaders. Advisors of the Council for financial, legal and communications affairs have also been identified. The Council is expected to meet twice a year. We are very energized by this new dynamic impulse to the world wide coordination of our global sangha. The mission of the Council reads as follows:

"The world is in turmoil today. People everywhere are anxious about the future. What they need is the soothing, uniting, elevating spiritual message of Sahaja Yoga. They have to be enabled to experience "Self Realization" and thereby attain inner transformation. Only then will they begin to regard all human beings as members of one global family regardless of their race, culture etc. Only then will they discard hatred and violence.... Sahaja Yogis have a momentous responsibility at this crucial time in human history. They have to spread Sahaja Yoga in all the parts of the world by written and spoken word.... For this purpose, a well thought out approach is required." (end)

Even Sir C.P.'s power-sharing scheme of 25 July 2005, a shrewd coup at the obvious expense of a Risperidone-incapacitated Shri Mataji, pales miserably in comparison. After all, sharing Her Will amongst 30+ members is incomprehensible, unconvincing and intangible compared to Shri Mataji's allowing any SY being worshipped as a Guru, empowered to start his/her own organization, and collect funds. You are talking about the future potential of hundreds/thousands of inspired SYs having their own independent organizations spreading Shri Mataji's advent and message! (i still have not digested all the powers properly as it is too huge a feast.)

So Isabelle, your friend heard it right as we have email evidence to back those who witnessed the 'Pharisees' being upset that the World Council was never mentioned even once during the entire 2008 Puja speech. And Arneau is obviously lying and tries to jump the gun and form yet another WCASY monopolized committee before SYs come to their senses and begin to flex their new revolutionary powers (provided they realize they are free from the heavy WCASY/leadership yoke).

You "hope the yogis are finally going to wake up and get rid of these demons who have infected them. Since She has started to "speak again", Shri Mataji has emphasized Her messages of Resurrection and Emancipation. May She be heard at long last!"

You are assured Isabelle that we now have a team of very dedicated, energetic and fearless SYs who want to ensure just that. Just in case this glaring omission is missed by post-Guru Puja SYs: there is no mention whatsoever of anything remotely related to Resurrection, Comforter, Messiah, Al-Qiyamah, Last Judgment, Holy Spirit. There are very few who want the truth to be told openly, and they are all voicing that from the outside as those within the SY organization have been conditioned to be submissive to their leaders and WCASY. It is such a relief since Shri Mataji has now clearly legitimized and empowered Her devotees to form their own independent organizations to spread Her message, independent and free from the insidious claws of WCASY!

Main Entry: in•sid•i•ous
1 a: awaiting a chance to entrap : treacherous
b: harmful but enticing : seductive
b: harmful but enticing : seductive
2 a: having a gradual and cumulative effect : subtle
b: of a disease : developing so gradually as to be well established before becoming apparent

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

regards to all,


Note: Some of you may be wondering who is Duilio Cartocci. He has been always close with Shri Mataji in Italy, a big stick if you know what i mean, and thus could speak up to WCASY members.

So will their hit men Alan Wherry and Dr. Bohdan be now sent to rid WCASY of this latest threat, just as they had done to others in the past? (Remember Guido .... and the Perezhogin fiasco in Russia?)

But all of you have to forgive me for saying so, despite Shri Mataji shearing off WCASY's huge wings that gave them all these insidious powers. Such sudden, drastic changes take time to seep in and register permanently in consciousness. The same goes for all SYs brothers and sister still trapped in the pre-2008 Guru Puja mindset and collectives.

However, over time, you SYs will learn how to free yourselves and most willingly join us here. With open arms we will welcome your conscientious determination to fulfil your duty towards Shri Mataji and spread "the soothing, uniting, elevating spiritual message of Sahaja Yoga" in all its entirety! As Duilio somberly remarked:

"Her last talk is so much revolutionary that we can't respond in a normal, classical way. She expects so much from us, not old, used and broken paradigms."

For this purpose, the required well thought out approach is already well underway ..... an approach that is vastly more open, inspiring, conscientious, convincing and fearless than the "old, used and broken paradigms" of the present SY organization.

The Divine Feminine is now poised to enter human consciousness, deep- rooted as She is in all their Holy Scriptures, their eschatology and the promised General Resurrection! All this has almost nothing to do with the subtle system, so vast and all-encompassing is Her Vision and Knowledge. As i have said a number of times before: i have yet only attained 2% enlightenment and at most attain only 5% in this lifetime. Only then will you realize the insignificance of the subtle system. i really hope SYs deeply contemplate and comprehend this honest Self-realization.

Dear Jagbir, Violet and all.

A friend of mine was present at the Guru puja and reported some of her impressions :

The atmosphere was extremely grave, serious. The audience was completely stunned by what they heard.

At the end of Shri Mataji's speech, nobody dared to sing or dance like they usually do.

At some point, after all the presents were given, the curtain was drawn on the stage, the microphone was turned off but the cameras were still rolling and the audience of yogis could see that all the "leaders" present had some kind of talk which turned out as an argument with Shri Mataji.

My friend, who was right in front of the stage, managed to grab some bits of the discussion between the "Pharisees", as she calls them and Shri Mataji: they seemed to be upset that She didn't mention once the World Council as Her successor; several times, my friend heard Her saying "No, no, no !"

If you have a look at these photos, you can see that She looks quite upset towards the end.

168 photos du GURU PUJA:

Apparently, a lot of yogis were upset that the "leaders" "kidnapped" Shri Mataji in such a way.

So if you read the following exchanges of messages between Arneau (the Swiss leader) and Rajiv Kular (Indian), Arneau is obviously lying.

He considers himself "designated" by Shri Mataji and he wants to constitute yet a new committee with members of the WCASY!! You can read that Rajiv tries to "calm him down" a little and that Duilio (an Italian) rejects Arneau's decision and reminds him that the WCASY has "gone astray..."

So let's hope the yogis are finally going to wake up and get rid of these demons who have infected them.

Since She has started to "speak again", Shri Mataji has emphasized Her messages of Resurrection and Emancipation. May She be heard at long last !

Much Love


Date: Friday, July 25, 2008, 5:40 PM
Re: [CountryLeaders] Message after the Guru pooja
2008 Friday, July
25, 2008 11:17 AM
From: "Duilio Cartocci"
Cc: "'Country Leaders'"

Dear Arneau,

dear Members of the World Council and dear Country Leaders,

following your letter, I would like to bring some considerations to your attention.

With this I don't intend to hurt anyone and I apologize if for any reason it can appear offending; it is the result of a general impression I recollect from our and others collectivities. I don't have any position to defend, nor of course I wish any "position": actually what I would like most is to loose any identification. I don't assert any truth, but, as I said, I would like to bring some observations to your attention:

1) Shri Mataji said "we need to constitute a central committee to take decision". Are you sure She intended that you have to vote ten members within the World Council? That means: are you the ones that have the right to vote, or just :"WE need to constitute..."? Are you sure that the member of this committee are to be chosen within the members of the World Council?

2) Personally I feel that you don't have to vote the committee, nor the members of this are to be chosen among the members of the World Council.

3) I remember that when She said that a committee was needed, one of the members remembered Her that the World Council was there; than She repeated that a committee was needed, and again you remembered the existence of the World Council; all this for three or four times. What does this mean?

4) Before acting in any direction, it would be perhaps better to wait and absorb more and more Her revolutionary talk. For example, She said that any yogi is free to go and spread sahaja yoga, that there is no hierarchy, and if really there is one, this is based on the number of realizations we are giving. She again stressed the importance of feeling the vibrations in both the hands; how many times the World Council has taken its decisions following the vibrations?

5) It seems to us that what is most needed is a return back to simplicity, to the base of Sahaja Yoga, where the most important thing is to give the realization and to really love each others.

6) You said that this steering group would also have the mandate of communication to the sangha. What kind of communication? Sometime it can appear that you discuss a lot about communication, but then very few of you, or sometime no one, come really to the collectivity, eating the food that every yogi is eating in the camp in Albera, or spending some time just talking to the yogi while working in the kitchen, or walking around in the camp. At the eyes of the "normal" yogis seems that if you have to talk, you just talk among yourselves, without listening what are the real needs or feelings of the yogis.

7) Just as an example, how many of you have eaten the food of the camp? How many of you have slept in the tent in Albera? How much time have you spent during the last pujas in Cabella just listening to the yogi of other nations in an informal way?

8) It seems that sometime there is a division between the World ouncil and the real life of spontaneity of the base of Sahaja Yoga. Instead of breaking this division, it seems you are expanding it. The distance that is felt between the World Council and the base of the sahaja yogis, is like the same we are feeling between our politics in Italy and the population: they think they represent us, but no one feels he is represented.

9) The impression that the "normal" yogi gets sometime is that you all sit for hours discussing of great systems, but you are missing of the simplicity and spontaneity of the new sahaja yogis.

10) I suggest that there should be a rotation of the members in the future committee and in the World Council, if this has still to exist. The real risk of sticking in a position is that human being get often an identification with that, thinking, of course in a very subtle way, that somehow he is especial, that he is an intermediate between divinity and the mass of the yogi: we saw it too many times happening in the history of mankind.

11) I take the liberty to remember you the letter that Shri Mataji has sent to the World Council the last year: perhaps not so many things are changed since then.

I again apologize if I have hurt anyone sensibility, but I hope that all this can help in a serene and constructive way. I feel that till now we have used in our behaviors and decisions the normal human paradigms, the same old paradigms that human being have used in all his history; perhaps, what Shri Mataji wants from us is that we change them. May be it will not be easy, but we have to try.

Her last talk is so much revolutionary that we can't respond in a normal, classical way. She expects so much from us, not old, used and broken paradigms.

Much, much love



----- Original Message -----

*From:* Council Sahaja Yoga
Swiss *To:* 'WORLD
COUNCIL' *Cc:* 'Country
Leaders' *Sent:* Tuesday, July 22, 2008 10:42 PM
*Subject:* [SPAM] [CountryLeaders] Message after the Guru pooja 2008

Dear Members of the World Council for the Advancement of Sahaja Yoga,

Dear Country leaders,

At the end of an extraordinary talk at Guru pooja 2008, which may conclude, in certain aspects, an unprecedented period of Her Divine activity, Shri Mataji provided guidance to a small group around her throne, when the curtain was down.

She said and I quote Her *"**we need to constitute a central committee to take decisions".*

In response to questions, She confirmed that this steering group would also have a mandate of communication to the sangha.

In the light of the present structure, we may propose to constitute an executive committee within the WCASY no larger than 10 members. I seek, from each of you, your views on who you think should become a member of such an inspired, effective and efficient central committee, in order for me to take action on your behalf, given the fact that I would transmit this auspicious proposal to Shri Mataji for Her Divine Approval. Indeed, She invited us to take up responsibilities with strength and confidence. It is therefore my belief that this initiative reflects the desire of Shri Mataji expressed during the Guru pooja 2008.

I would be grateful to have your response before the Krishna pooja 2008, each one of you selecting 10 members out of the list of the present members of the WCASY. All the lists forwarded by each member of the WCASY would be sent to Alan Pereira and myself. I take the opportunity of this message to seek Her Divine Blessings and Her Everlasting Protection.

*I copy this message to all national leaders for **information*.

With love and respect


[CountryLeaders] Re: [The World Council of Sahaja Yoga]
Message after the Guru pooja 2008 Friday, July 25, 2008 4:46 PM
From: "rajiv kumar"
Cc: "Country Leaders"

My dear Arneau and All Members of the Council,

Jai Shri Mataji.

I write to express my great joy and a sense of being so much blessed for having been able to attend the Guru Puja. For me this has been really special because as I had written to all of you it did not at one stage (until four days before I actually left for Milan) that it will be possible for me go. So the fact that I made it at all and then was witness to this most memorable and historical event has been a great blessing. I bow my head in complete gratitude to Her and thank Her for making this possible.

And thank you Phillip for urging me to come to Cabella when we met at your lovely home even for a few hours in Berlin earlier in July.

I think we in the Council would do well to listen to Her speech over and over again and draw the necessary inspiration and conclusions from it individually and then hopefully collectively. And until we can meet together again, we should simply follow Her advice to introspect, see where our catches are, get rid of them to take on the responsibilities of a Guru as She has asked us to do and give realizations because without that as She said we will not be worthy of being a Guru in any case. I think the numbers mentioned were between 300 to 3000!!

And so my dear brother Aruneau, my own view is that there is just no hurry to start 'electing' the 11 members. Did She ask us to send Her the nominations? If She wanted a committee She would have included that in Her talk too. So let us instead work to make WACSY a collective body, a living and working organism before we start making committees. She will appoint the 11 when and if She so desires.

And towards that end I suggest that we meet in September or October either in England or in Mumbai. Hopefully a larger number of us will be able to join this time and spend time together. And yes can we cannot collect some funds from amongst ourselves to try and subsidise those of us who find it difficult to pay for the air fares? Just a thought. I think Rajesh's offer to host the get together stands and I can work with him as we did talk about that. So let us have everybody's views on this.

With love and respects to all


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