WCASY and SYs, do you who they are and why they can meet the Shakti?

Dear All,

i received an email that yet again confirms what i know to be the real reason behind years of attack against my children:

"There was someone really nice who has been in SY for quite some time that I spoke to about the forums, and I wanted to know what this person thought of Jagbir's forum, and about there being no link to it on the official website. This person told me that Jagbir's children have high vibrations, and that people are very jealous. I think that there are a lot of people who do appreciate and understand what Jagbir is doing. Jealousy is behind a lot of behaviour that hurts people." (end)

i just want to ask WCASY and SYs, would you have labelled them possessed and demonic if they were your children? Have any of you any idea how critical is their testimony to advance Shri Mataji's Divine Message? Do you really know who they really are and why they have been chosen to bear witness to the Adi Shakti? Do you know who the Qur'an demands must accompany the Spirit who declares the Resurrection? Does my previous post give you the common sense and caution to cease and desist in your attacks?

Paraclete will enlarge range and understanding of Jesus' teaching

So let me tell you a bit more of what is recorded in the 2200-paged SHRI ADI SHAKTI: THE KINGDOM OF GOD. Let me tell WCASY and those SYs jealous and against the children/websites/forum/book that there is no power on Earth to suppress the Truth of the Adi Shakti, and the more you fight it the stronger it will get:

"Now You Have Entered Into The Kingdom Of God"

It was out of unrestrained Joy and Bliss brought by the knowledge of their identities and the priceless boons of the Great Spiritual Mother that this news was poured out. There was just innocence in the hearts of Kash's parents for only fools would be proud of such divine blessings. It was thought that all humankind could share and rejoice in these Celestial Gifts and be filled with Hope, Vision and Joy. Millions of spiritual seekers were waiting in eager anticipation, convinced that the Conscious Universe is on the brink of bestowing supreme enlightenment on the human species. They had the right to know what had transpired and judge the Truth of SHRI ADI SHAKTI: THE KINGDOM OF GOD with their own heart, mind and soul.

This Good News of the birth of angels and the existence of His Kingdom was told to some Sahaja Yogis, and there were great expectations of collective bliss. After all it was the Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Herself, who had made such miracles possible and presented irrefutable evidence to the human race that the Creator, His Kingdom and angels does exist.

However, that was not to be. The initial attempts in 1994, undertaken with only a genuine desire to advance the Truth, met with adverse reaction even from childhood friends. To all of them it was an outrageous assertion and the work of evil spirits. The strongest opposition came from the 'senior' Sahaja Yogis who denounced it outright. The chorus of negativity kept on swelling like mighty tidal waves, cresting, and crashing down relentlessly to subdue and silence the Truth. In the end the whole family became spiritual outcasts for daring to utter a Truth so radical that even the most enlightened Sahaja Yogi rejected it. They were the first heretics of the New Millennium, ridiculed by each and every soul to whom the father spoke.

Kash's mother was the most affected and just wanted no one be told of her son's experiences anymore. She began to insist that whatever the Great Divine Feminine was revealing were solely for the family to realize and attain liberation. It was not to be told to anyone else, not even the devotees of the Great Adi Shakti. However, his father felt otherwise. Such priceless Knowledge could never be just for his selfish use but the benefit of the Human Family.

Unknown to all, the very Truth that Kash witnessed is so explosive that the Qur'an prophesied 1,400 years ago it will rock the whole world during the Resurrection! That was precisely what was happening. Even Sahaja Yogis who knew that the Resurrection was taking place refused to believe what they were hearing. This eruption of Truth was too astounding and far-fetched, even for the very messengers of Resurrection!

"Now you have entered into the Kingdom of God. And once you are there then automatically, as the citizens of God's Kingdom, you are blessed and as you become the Lotuses. Then you start spreading your fragrance all around. Now you do not keep this Joy to yourself but you become generous about it, and you go all out to give it to others. Generosity at another level, at a lower level, is transformed into this Universal Love. Whatever you gain, whatever Joy, satisfaction, vibrations, knowledge all that, you want to give it to others. You want to spread it because now you got the Reality and you don't want to keep it to yourself. You think it is very important that everyone in the world should know about Reality."

Shri Udyad-bhanu-sahasrabha Shri Nirmala Devi

Shri Laxshmi, Diwali Puja, Romania — October 25, 1992

But then:

* How was it possible for him, just meditating in Montreal, Canada, to identify that Shri Antarmukha-samaradhya Shri Nirmala Devi is the One in his Thousand Petal Lotus; not as the plus 70-year-old corporeal form that all humans were seeing on Earth, but as the internal, eternal, extremely beautiful 30-35 year-old Shri Lalita?

* How was it possible for him to irrefutably confirm that whatever Shri Nitya-yauvana Shri Nirmala Devi was telling humans was the Truth, though he never talked to HER physical form as Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi even once?

* How was it possible for him to describe in great detail and accuracy of the Kingdom of God and their Heavenly Hosts, something absolutely beyond even the most enlightened dalai lama, pope or ayatollah?

Antarmukha-samaradhya (870th): Can be worshipped only by those with inner vision or introspection.

Nitya-yauvana (430th): Ever young, untouched by time as it is Her creation.

The First Permission In The Sahasrara

Kash's father knew that such an unprecedented opportunity for all humanity to examine and validate the Truth of God almighty might not come again. In his mind he was convinced that he had to perform his duty even if everybody — his parents, friends, relatives, and fellow Sahaja Yogis — ridiculed, criticized, or ostracized him. "Some have said that no answer can be found to the mystery, for humans have created it and no suprahuman or supernatural answer exists." This centuries-old dilemma that had allowed religious regimes to conjecture contradicting dogma could now be solved.

Kash's father became resolute. He reiterated that he would announce this Ultimate Reality, given the vast weight of unquestionable evidence, no matter how ridiculous others thought of his claims. It was imperative that he did so and allow the entire human race and history to judge him, and not a few skeptical individuals. He knew that "there are more than half a billion New Age advocates on the planet at this time, working among various religious groups," waiting for the first glimmer of Light that the dawning of the Age of Aquarius had predicted to bring, where "no one is ruled or ruler, where no promise of Heaven offers us false compensation for our present pain, but where we tend together the earth's living, fruitful flesh." These Revelations, precisely for these type of New Age seekers who rejected the authoritarian, suppressive religious institutions, would free humanity from their suffocating custody and allow every individual to seek their spiritual union with the Supreme Spirit within, transforming them in the process into the new race destined to heal all nations. These Truths had to be told no matter what the consequences. It was a moral duty that any conscientious human would most willingly do.

In the end, after weeks of disturbance in the family, there was a compromise. The father agreed to maintain silence and let things take their course, as required by his spouse, provided he be allowed to question Kash in detail and record all of his mystical experiences. He would then wait for the appropriate time to release them for the benefit of others.

On April 2, 1995, at 11:20 a.m. Kash was told to obtain permission from the Great Universal Mother to reveal the Truth. He meditated and emerged through the clouds into the Land of Eternal Life. The Primal Light shone ever so brightly from above as the Holy Spirit of God sat in Bliss and Joy. After bowing down and exchanging greetings, he asked the Great Mater Purissima (Purest Mother) if She would grant permission. She gave Her blessings with a reminder that this intuitive Knowledge was especially for Her devotees.

It was at this point that the actual compilation of his spiritual journeys began in earnest. Kash was questioned practically every day, sometimes repeatedly, to clarify and confirm what he saw, heard, thought, spoke, smelled, touched, and tasted. Often questions were asked suddenly when he least expected just to get him off-guard to confirm consistency. All answers came with a calm and nonchalant attitude, without contradiction.

However, the adverse reactions from almost all quarters regarding the experiences of Kash experiences were disturbing. After a few months of writing his father began deleting evidence of Kash and Lalita's spiritual identities. To officially reveal to the Sahaja Yogis that they were indeed angels would only make matters worse. This assertion would be regarded as blatant self-advertisement, a shameless bid for grandiose fame. It would be better for everyone if such a preposterous claim be withdrawn. Kash's spiritual abilities could be ascribed to him being just a jivanmukti, a liberated soul. Lalita could be briefly mentioned as the fulfillment of the Adi Shakti's promise to Kash that his wish for a sister would come true.

The Five Divine Days

On December 27, 1995, at about 4:30 p.m. preparations to perform Christmas Puja were in progress. The house was dusted, vacuumed and mopped, the altar decorated with flowers and offerings, eating utensils washed, dried and arranged, and food for Sahaja Yogis laid on the dining table. Christmas carols uplifted the spirits, and made work light.

Kash was alone in his room, deep in meditation. Shri Adhiparasakthi Shri Nirmala Devi spoke to him for about 10 minutes, inquiring about his state of mind. Kash told the Great Primordial Guru that he was still not ready spiritually. She replied that this was normal and he should lead an ordinary life, and that this book was not be published yet.

The Great Devi then revealed to him that there were five special occasions, among his hundreds of encounters with Her in his Sahasrara, that SHE appeared in Her actual form of Adi Shakti and not as Mahamaya (Illusion.) By this She meant that Kash witnessed Her purest Being only five times, a Reality beyond the Sahasrara! Few people understand the immensity of this Revelation. We can only say that it is extremely difficult to see Her illusionary form in the Sahasrara, but not beyond. But why did She have to stoop to allow Her genuine Self to be revealed to a mere child? Maybe She had to for the sake of Truth as there will always be narrow-minded humans who will argue that She appeared as Mahamaya, not Adi Shakti, and had fooled both father and son. SHE had foreseen various obstacles and provided against this human vanity, leaving no room for future doubt or dissent.

The five occasions were:

i) The very first day he saw HER. This was on the Diwali of November 1993, the Hindu New Year.

ii) The day he came to request from HER for a baby sister. This day is unknown as Kash had done it on his own initiative, without informing anyone.

iii) April 3, 1994, the day SHE revealed that Lalita, born on the Christian holy day of Easter Sunday (April 3, 1994), was an angel.

iv) April 18, 1994, the day SHE revealed that Kash, born on the Muslim holy day of Id Al-Adha (October 19, 1980), was an angel.

v) July 26, 1995, the day SHE revealed that they had completed their Job on this Earth and ended his mystical journeys into his own Sahasrara.

"This Is The First Time In History . . ."

Actually this was the fourth time that their identities were emphasized. The Great Holy Spirit had previously confirmed their identities on April 3rd, 23rd, and again on Sept. 8th, 1994, when during meditation SHE told Kash:

"This is the first time in history that there are two angels in one house."

Shri Ksipra-prasadini Shri Nirmala Devi Montreal, Canada — September 8, 1994

Ksipra-prasadini (869th): Who showers Her Grace on Her devotees very quickly." (end)

Despite all my effort and desire, for years i have been unable to begin and complete the remaining 20% of the website that is the jewel in the crown. i know is is because of the intense jealousy and negativity from SYs and WCASY. Sooner or later this last remaining obstacle will be removed by HER. i will just have to wait till that is accomplished. Time is on my side.

Jai Shri Ganapathi,


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