Why are SYs expending so much energy and effort to suppress the Truth?

From:  "jagbir singh" <www.adishakti.org@gmail.com>
Date:  Sun Jan 23, 2005  4:42 pm
Subject:  Why are SYs expending so much energy and effort to suppress the Truth?
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> JSM,
> I've had some experiences where i have tried to explain Sy to a lot
> of "busy" ppl. who have been to so many diff. types of yoga and
> diff. types of guru and obviously are fatigued from it...they all
> claim to raise kundalini...cure black magic...protect from
> evil...even show miracles.....

Dear Sohniya,

Thank you for this post. i will explain why Sahaja Yoga is not
spreading despite so much effort and energy.

Sahaja yoga, as is being still advertised, is no different from the
hundreds of different yogas. And with the modern commercialization
and increasing number of teachers churned out by various yoga
associations it has become as distinct as peas in a pod. And when we
SYs advertise our peas to be superior those people who examine them
just turn away, ridiculing as they leave. As far as they are
concerned our peas - like yogas that raise kundalinis, cure black
magic, protect from evil and show miracles - is just no different
from others. The more we advertise as such the more it 'damages'
reputation in the long run because Sahaja Yoga is now perceived as
just another subtle system yoga. So why should these yoga-fatigued
people ever believe that Sahaja Yoga is different when they have
heard that same pitch and disappointing results so many times before?


> Not only that, they have also met existing Sy's in their area and
> describe them as enthusiastic and over-zealous...in promoting
> Sy...but becoz of their fatigue they are 1- reluctant to joining
> "Yet another" form of yoga claiming to be "THE YOGA".....2 - think
> they all are the same and prefer to stick to their current form of
> yoga whichever that is cauz they are all "more or less the same"
> and they dont have time to learn and try out yet another "mumbo
> jumbo"

Any mature and intelligent seeker will stick to his/her own
yoga/guru. Hinduism warns you not to change gurus because one will
not progress on the spiritual path, just as rolling stones gather no
moss. i have read a number of yoga articles telling seekers not to
change gurus or paths. In fact anyone who does that is regarded as
immature and quite foolish. So with such widely accepted beliefs why
should anyone listen to SYs telling them to change gurus and paths?
Only the ignorant will change gurus to learn about the same stuff.
Only the stupid will waste time to learn yet another "mumbo jumbo".
Only SYs think that thousands will rush to join Sahaja Yoga because
we claim it is THE YOGA. It has not happened, is not happening and
will never happen.


> i have tried to even tell them to read www.sahajayoga.org ...to
> gain more info and perhaps be convinced in some way..but ...for
> a newcomer...the sahajayoga website does not seem much diff. than
> yet another one...

You are telling them that peas are better and tastier at this
supermarket. And our fliers have tried attracting them with free
peas pleas. The only thing we have not figured out is why even free
peas put off people.


> I honestly wish we could have a website with all the info of all
> the sy websites in one with no restricted reading ..open to all
> public and with a search engine so when a newcomer types in words
> like say...reiki..he can read all info thats there in sy for
> this...or if he types "raising kundalini" or "false gurus" he can
> read it all in one go...they dont seem to have the time to browse
> tru' all the diff. websites in search of a single answer to their
> different questions and yes it is time consuming...besides....do
> we want to keep any info abut Sy secret?

Just because the phrase "common sense" was coined it does not mean
is applies to all situations. There are times when it is sorely
lacking despite years of brainstorming. And when you try to keep SY
secret and strictly "For members only" seekers know something is not
right. Whatever you are trying to keep away from the public eye has
great potential to damage because outsiders may think it could be a
strange cult that requires weird rituals and beliefs. Who knows what
others are making out of these 'top-secret' sites guarded by
password sentries patrolling with digital dogs. And when SYs like me
finally read all that is so jealously guarded i don't know whether
to cry or laugh. But at least i know we have the potential to make
ourselves look dumb.

> Why do we have so many different websites each having only partial
> information? why cant we unite all info. into one website?
> Wouldnt it be not only beneficial for newcommers..but also for
> us?

Sahaja Yoga is now split between the mainstream subtle system of the
priestly class and the tiny mystical band who insist the Divine
Message must be announced. Throughout history these two powers have always opposed and fought against each other. The priestly class
have always triumphed because they hold sway over the masses by
keeping them in ignorance and demonizing their rivals. It is no
different now. But Shri Mataji has vowed that the "Truth which is
Absolute has to express itself in these modern times. And even if it
is not accepted it will never die. On the contrary, if it is not
accepted, it will expose all falsehood and destroy it!" Only
priestly fools think She means chakras, catches and cures.


> Most ppl. seem not only tired..but also hesitant/shy to ask some
> questions on yoga..they would rather read abut it first...typing
> their queries...and seeing the information...

This forum was set up with all that in mind, and more. Yet we find
certain SYs who, influenced by the cronies of ex-world leader Yogi
Mahajan working behind the scenes, try to sabotage it on their
behalf. The www.adishakti.org has more than 1000 web pages now
covering a wide range of topics. Try typing your enquiries with the
Google search engine at the bottom of each page and just see how
many pages of information comes up.

Give us another few years and you will see that we will accomplish
much more for all future generations. Already there are certain SYs
working to accomplish in a short time what thousands could not over years. Just give us your blessings and co-operation and we will over time show what can be achieved by those truly dedicated to the Shakti in spreading the Divine Message for humanity.

> we can still have the existing sites...iam not asking to close
> them...but maybe we can and shud have a new one "uniting" them
> all??

As i said before the priests will continue telling you about the
subtle system, the mystics about the Divine Message and Kingdom of
God ................ and the subtle system too. The subtle system
takes about 50 pages to understand. The Divine Message takes about
1000 because that is what Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs
and Buddhists are looking for. Changing millennia of falsehood and
conditioning needs lots of facts and evidence to the contrary.


Actually some people close to Shri Mataji did approach Her as they
were concerned about what Jagbir was doing on the internet.
Apparently they thought the truth would be too much for humanity and
would bring serious repercussions. In short they wanted to shut down
these websites. But Shri Mataji told them that he is not doing
anything wrong. (This information came to me just last month.)


> Why dont we have one yet...and whats stopping us from having one?
> Am i the only one who thinks this is a workable usefull idea or is
> there anyone else who agrees with me?

The www.adishakti.org more than meets all requirements for spreading the Divine Message to humanity. The www.al-qiyamah.org website specifically deals with the Resurrection and completes Shri Mataji's revelation in 1990 at Changi Airport, Singapore that there is a
complete surah written about Her. i still wonder why nothing was
done for years to research this claim. Is it because of Islam phobia
and negative views towards it?

And yet when Her revelation was finally fulfilled in 2000 few SYs
are interested in knowing how the Shakti is entrenched in the Quran.
Most seem the least concerned. Yet they wonder why Muslims are not
taking to Sahaja Yoga.

The priestly powers are trying to make Sahaja Yoga into a 'hinduish'
subtle system thing. The mystics are trying to uphold the Adi Shakti
and what is written in the scriptures regarding the Divine Message
to humanity. Only the Truth of the Divine Message will triumph in
the end. "And even if it is not accepted it will never die. On the
contrary, if it is not accepted, it will expose all falsehood and
destroy it!"


> I was doing yoga not some days ago..and this thought came into my
> mind...i was trying to be thoughtless thugh..anyways...i said to
> myself...there is nothing i can do...its just one me...i wont have
> any support etc..and it wont happen..etc...(being dismissive)...and
> you know what?? immediately my both hands went BUZZZZZZZZZ so
> strongly......i said alright i will try.....then it stopped..

Maybe one day the priests will be forced to accept the Truth. Sohniya, you will have support for that desire and the Truth will eventually triumph. That is when there will be only one website for the one and only Adi Shakti. All you need is to try and make this happen. Just this post itself is a means towards that end. The Adi Shakti from within works in Her own ways to overcome all obstacles. As i said before the camel need not be forced to drink the water. Just patience is needed because it will eventually become thirsty or die. We will have to wait till it does get really, really thirsty.


> for all those (if any) who say we cant do it...
> i ask why not?

i doubt there are any SY who will say this cannot happen. But those
who do not/cannot/are unable to tell the Truth will resist such an
idea. SYs in general are now really tired and fatigued from all that
subtle system programs that just do not bring results. Only the
physical presence of Shri Mataji gives them hope, courage,
enthusiasm and inspiration to continue. When She eventually leaves
Earth all that will vanish. The only alternative will be to bring
forth Her eternal presence within and the Divine Message to

However, if we SYs are able to bring forth that sustaining
alternative now itself there will be a smooth transfer of sustenance
when Shri Mataji leaves. Perhaps that is exactly what the Shakti is
trying to accomplish from within, and preparing us for that
eventuality. The Truth must and will triumph. By that i mean the
Divine Message ordained for humanity and not the cheap, commercial,
competing yogas claiming to raise kundalini...cure black
magic...protect from evil...even show miracles. The more you
introspect the more you will realize that the Truth of the Divine
Message is far more important and critical for Sahaja Yoga to
survive in future. Sahaja Yoga is the Last Judgment and
Resurrection, the only spiritual path to claim so. Why are SYs
expending so much energy and effort to suppress this Truth? Why
compete with so many other yogas by making the same claims they do?
What is the wisdom and logic of engaging in all this stupid
competition when there is absolutely no need of this decades-old
struggle in the first place? It just makes no sense at all.


But only Truth triumphs. If Sahaja Yoga has not triumphed it is
because we have not applied and upheld the very basic requirements
of truth itself. But if it has failed then we must have resorted to
untruthful methods to attract souls. We are talking about the Divine
and how SYs have balked at performing their duty towards humanity.
They say God itself is Truth. If that is the case then we have
failed Him because we have deliberately suppressed the Truth that He
wants all humanity to know. For how long will SYs remain in denial
and pretend they just have to tell others about chakras, catches and
cures? What then is the Divine Message ordained for all?

Sohniya, i will do my best to let Truth triumph and need all the
help available. It will take years to accomplish this huge task. As
i said before, your post is the means towards the end you are
desiring. Shri Mataji and Her message to humanity will triumph if we
are collective and help destroy the negativity within Sahaja Yoga
trying to silence those who want to proclaim that Truth. The world
is ready and will hear the Truth. It is only this negativity that
puts fear in us and perpetuates the silence.


From:  "jagbir singh" <www.adishakti.org@gmail.com>
Date:  Tue Jan 25, 2005  11:25 am
Subject:  Re: Why are SYs expending so much energy and effort to suppress...
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> Dear Jagbir,
> For me this issue of how SY is being promoted is crucial and
> unacceptable. There can NEVER, EVER be an excuse to lie,
> misrepresent or evade an issue.

i totally agree with you Semira and it pains me to admit that the
rank and file SYs do not have the conscience to be truthful. i used
to feel _real pain_ in my heart because my Montreal collective
remained so adamant to telling the truth. When i began to insist
they must tell seekers that Shri Mataji is the Adi Shakti (Spirit of
God) sent to deliver the Divine Message to humanity most of them
turned against me. The worst is that they made me feel i was going
against Shri Mataji.

One day i sent the collective an email where a non-SY visitor
praised the www.adishakti.org website for being so informative and
truthful in helping understand Christianity better. i got a nasty
reply from one former leader who was close to Shri Mataji. The straw
that broke the camel's back was his apparent glee that my work
accident was divine retribution for whatever i was doing i.e.
telling the truth about Shri Mataji at www.adishakti.org. This gave
me quite a shock and reflected the twisted logic some SYs apply to
support their reasoning. That he was a senior, well-established SY
only made it worse. i wrote back that till the day comes when the
Montreal collective tells the truth about Shri Mataji and Her Divine
Message to humanity my family will never return. Now it is about
five years and counting. i want no part of this well-orchestrated
and elaborate plan to suppress the truth.

Over these years i have felt better because i do not have to watch
and listen to SYs who roar like lions in private but squeak like
mice in public. My conscience is clear and heart at peace that i am
doing my duty with honesty and integrity. There is no way i will
compromise with the present method used by SYs to promote Sahaja
Yoga. Even if not a single SY remains on my side i will never back
off from upholding the Divine Message. My conscience just cannot
bear compromising on so vital and unprecedented a Divine Message.

> The official website of SY continues the softsell approach of the
> pamphlets; that SY is a 'meditation exercise for stress release'.
> I have also read discussions where SYs justify their dishonest
> promoting by saying that 'people will come in time to see the
> Truth of SY themselves' and that 'people will think it is crazy if
> they are told the Truth straight up front'. This is immoral, and
> there is no excuse for this. If something is begun in deceit and
> lies, then there is doubt on all the rest of it.

Yes, it is true the official website promotes Sahaja Yoga in a way
that induces the public to think it is a sort of subtle system
meditation exercise, stress release being one of the benefits. Yes,
SYs do justify their dishonesty in the wishful believe that
newcomers will hang on till they are ready for the truth. 99% of
them leave quickly without ever seeing the Truth of Sahaja Yoga.
Yes, most SYs believe this conjured rational that 'people will think
it is crazy if they are told the Truth straight up front'. Nothing
is further from the truth. It is true that if you try to explain the
Divine Message in terms of chakras, catches and cures the whole
world will laugh at you. But when you tell them in detail about Shri
Mataji's Divine Message by relating and synthesizing it with
scripture, religious traditions and their messengers - as i have
done in www.adishakti.org and www.al-qiyamah.org - people will sit
up and listen. For five years now these websites have proved wrong
those SYs who tell others that 'people will think it is crazy if
they are told the Truth straight up front'.

Yes, hiding the truth is immoral and there is no excuse for it. Yes,
if something is begun in deceit and lies, then there is doubt on all
the rest of it. SYs are resorting to lies because of their own
unfounded fears that the truth will be too much. The actual reality
is that telling the truth is in fact too much for them, and not
others accepting it. i think five years should be enough for them to
realize that.

> Why do SYs feel that the Divine Message is something that should
> be lied about and hidden? It seems simple enough to me; either
> Sahaja Yoga is about the Divine Message to all humanity, or it
> isn't. If it is, then it must be declared openly and clearly as
> such by all who believe it, and not obscured by doubts and lies.
> There is nothing to 'misunderstand' or 'not be sure of' here.

Try telling that to SYs and see how they will twist and turn. A few
days ago i was talking to my wife about what you are telling me. She
replied that SYs find it far easier to talk about chakras, catches,
cures than anything else. The reason they do not talk about the
Divine Message is because they know little about Shri Mataji's
Divine Message in relation with scripture, religious traditions and
their messengers. i know this to be true because even 'christian'
SYs have little knowledge about how the Bible upholds the Divine
Message. Few can tell you with confidence about the Comforter being
Shri Mataji. One SYogini i knew puts in a nutshell why 'christian'
SYs do not quote scripture: "People in Quebec do not believe in the
Bible." Thus she feels SYs should not quote scripture to promote
Sahaja Yoga. (Just a few weeks ago one SY sent a post to
divinesahajayoga telling more than 600 members just that - we SYs
need not quote scripture. So what i witnessed years ago about that
foolish SYogini now makes sense to some SYs.)

But i know all these are defense mechanisms put in place to justify
telling lies to promote the truth since they think there is no other
way. Strangely dishonest as this reasoning is the sad fact remains
that many SYs accept it. i am just trying to tell them that you need
not resort to such unethical ways to promote Sahaja Yoga. All you
need to present the truth as Shri Mataji has revealed is to
articulate it intelligently so that it makes sense.

And Shri Mataji has revealed much over three decades about the
Divine Message. Chakras, catches, cures make up less than 5% of all
Her lectures. Yet SYs pretentiously inform the general public that
is all to it, afraid that 'people will think it is crazy if they are
told the (other 95% of the) Truth straight up front'. Few realize
that by doing so SYs are unconsciously implying that Shri Mataji's
message is crazy. i do not know how many realize that She is doing
so in public to strangers who hear it for the first time ever. Do
these SYs think She is making a terrible mistake?

But who are these SYs actually perpetuating the fear that the public
will react, and thus need sustaining this silence by keeping others
in check. i mean you just can't support Shri Mataji and then tell
other SYs that they should not repeat Her mistake since 'people will
think it is crazy if they are told the Truth straight up front'. i
have never been able to understand this approach and who are those
behind it.

So Semira, let me tell you a true story that may give clues, and i
quote Margaret B. Gunness:

"Jesus was speaking to his disciples and to the crowds that had
gathered around. He was teaching them the things he wanted so
desperately for them to understand, things that he knew to be
profoundly necessary for their life and, in a way, for his life as
well. And these same things are also necessary for your life and for
mine, so let's us join those crowds for a moment or two, and listen
as well the teachings of Jesus.

"The scribes and Pharisees sit on Moses' seat" he says, a seat of
great authority. And because they have this authority, he says, "do
whatever they teach you and follow it; But," he adds, "do not do as
they do, for they do not practice what they preach." For you see,
they are hypocrites, holding up for others a standard of behavior
which they themselves do not practice or live by. They are
pretenders, people who are divided within themselves, people without
wholeness, without integrity. And what they are doing then is
hiding, hiding the truth of their inmost selves behind the masks of
pretension that they are wearing, masks that separate them from the
very people they are called to lead."

> Why does Shri Mataji Herself accept and allow these things to
> happen? Surely She does not agree with the way that Sahaja Yoga is
> being promoted?

Shri Mataji has from the very onset has always proclaimed the Divine
Message in hundreds of public programs and lectures. She has left no
stone unturned to ensure its success. But there are powers in Sahaja
Yoga who want to suppress the Truth. Some have told Her that Jagbir
and his websites are dangerous for the public and should be cause
for concern. (i believe ex-world leader Yogi Mahajan was also not
agreeable to what my children and i am telling. There are others who
are afraid of the Truth.)

Semira, if Shri Mataji was agreeable the way Sahaja Yoga is being
officially promoted these people would have succeeded years ago in
closing www.adishakti.org and www.al-qiyamah.org down. A few
attempts were made but to no avail. Shri Mataji just told them there
is nothing wrong with what i am doing, and that goes a long way to
vouch Her integrity. i mean She even went against leaders close to
Her. So that shows Shri Mataji did not agree to the unfounded fears
of certain leaders that 'people will think it is crazy if they are
told the Truth straight up front'.

i still am waiting for the day when some SY will tell me why Shri
Mataji tells the Truth upfront at public programs. Maybe they should
also tell Her that 'people will think it is crazy if they are told
the Truth straight up front'.

Now let me finish off with me quoting Margaret B. Gunness again:

"These words of Jesus' teaching are words which are calling us into
the very depths of our own integrity, calling us into a radical
honesty about ourselves and about who we are both as individuals and
as a people in relationship with God. We are students; we are
children; we are servants. And God is our teacher, our parent and
our Messiah. And if we could only grasp this and realize the gift
that it is, we would indeed be relieved of that terrible, heavy
burden of trying to be who we are not."

Maybe if SYs just told the simple, plain truth they would indeed be
relieved of that terrible, heavy burden of trying to hide from
humanity what should never ever be hidden in the first place because it is meant exclusively for them. The Divine Message is entirely for all humans and no SY has the right to judge they are not ready. NO SY HAS THE RIGHT TO DENY HUMANITY THE RIGHT TO BE TOLD OF GOD ALMIGHTY'S DIVINE MESSAGE. The very nature of this deceitful belief not to tell them, based on groundless fears, makes it a monstrous and utterly unforgivable act!

Jai Shri Mataji,




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