Sahaja Yoga And Shri Mataji

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But we need great souls to collectively articulate that Truth
But Sahaja Yogis DO NOT have right to deny ANY seeker this God-given right.
But why is Shri Mataji silent and continues to bear witness?
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Coming back to the local collective
Dave Dunphy indirectly confirms ex-WCASY members forged Shri Mataji's letter
Devotees steal Sri Lalita title under noses of subtle system Sahaja Yogis
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Do not be swept away by false miracle photos of SMNDSYF
Do not let their hype fool you and do not spare them
Do not try to show off your own power
Do Sahaja Yogis think it is time to tell the truth about Divine Message?
Do we have 125,000 SYs worldwide?
Do you honestly believe i could have become a Sahaja Yogi?
Especially for SYogis, even if they r told about it, not everyone will get it.
Even Her repeated advise "Be your own guru" is now being mutilated
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Gregoire, your letter speaks volumes about the World Council and Sahaja Yoga
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His questions are the questions any seeker would ask - 1
His questions are the questions any seeker would ask - 2
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How can we save our empty, almost bankrupt Sahaja Yoga restaurants?
How can we Sahaja Yogis be thoughtless when catches keep disturbing us?
How can we throw off dominion of priestly dark powers and walk in Light?
How many leaders are asking us Sahaja Yogis to uphold Her Divine Message?
How on earth can genuine-like Sahaja Yoga fare so badly?
How long will this chakra charade continue?
i am only asking for an answer to what many Sahaja Yogis believe
i am sure Kyyan would have quit like 99.99% of all seekers
I ask you to consider that it may be time to stop openly fighting
I call it the Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion
I can't be in collective but you can be in Collective Consciousness
I don't understand that why you argue about Last Judgment
If they come to know clearing chakra they stop coming to program
I hesitate and go into a closet when it comes to declaring
If Sahaja Yogis do not articulate deep truth that the real master lies within
In June 1994 Sahaja Yogi Harsh Mehra, took these faxes to London, UK
Internet is the best approach to spread Shri Mataji's gift
The invalidation of the work of a Sahaja Yogi at Wikipedia
In the end the Truth matters most, whether a priest or pimp proclaims it
i remember when Lalita wrote on the forum
It takes 21 Sahaja Yogis to lie about Divine Message to humanity.
It is high time Sahaja Yogis focus much more on meditation than treatments
It is the Divine Message that matters, not the divine messenger
It takes courage to stand up for Shri Mataji's advent and message
I want to tell you something that Shri Mataji said about you
Jagbir, you are indeed an embarrassment to Sahaja Yoga
John Noyce: "As Sahajist ... my comments are occasional and always concise."
Just tell others about the Divine Message and give self-realization
Maybe Sahaja Yogis will stop turning Sahaja Yoga into a religion of lemons
Mass hysteria, brainwashing - what is it?
Matina, your friends have good reasons to have faith in Shri Mataji
Neither Diane Rueland nor Surrinder Singh had the guts or conscience to condemn
"New Approach" Open Letter
None have courage to publicly squeak what they thunderously roared
Open letter to those representing the Will of Shri Mataji
Our leaders are guilty of genetically modifying SY mice
Real SYs support Her Mission, Message and Teachings; they don't thwart them
Rejected by the world of WCASY
Renitha Govan: "As I say I have not gone into yoga or anything."
Sahaja Yoga - A revealed religion or a cult of mind control?
Sahaja Yogis must face the issues presented by those who challenge them
Shri Mataji: "A day will dawn, when the whole world would bow ..."
Shri Mataji agreed puja be held in Montreal
Shri Mataji: "All the people laugh at us, nobody believes us."
Shri Mataji: "All these rituals have entered into Sahaja Yoga."
Shri Mataji: "But if you put one little fish and two eggs for ten people"
Shri Mataji confirmed approval of book for a total of FIVE times!
Shri Mataji explains what real leadership quality entails
Shri Mataji: "I must say they are committing the greatest sin ..."
Shri Mataji "It means the Last Judgment has begun with full force"
Shri Mataji's Identity and Divine Message may be too much for seekers?
Shri Mataji: "Tell Jagbir now to leave it to Her."
Shri Mataji told of a great blessing to mankind that would confirm Her
Shri Mataji: "the time has come for you to get all that is promised"
Shri Mataji "They are stagnated at the point of dharma, so they start telling ..."
Shri Mataji: "You have to enter into the Kingdom of God"
Shri Mataji never insisted footsoaking be a daily ritual
Siddhis absolutely necessary to prove Shri Mataji is Shri Lalita
Sir CP had no right to make public Shri Mataji's medical health and file
So why are subtle system SYs unable to have the same qualities?
Specifically for those who claim World Council has the highest powers
Spiritual treason to desecrate Truth and actively encourage others
Sahaja Yoga has to compete with this .... and it should
Sahaja Yoga leaders who are even afraid to talk about the Resurrection
Sahaja Yogis falsely led to belief Kash, Arwin and Lalita are possessed by evil
Sahaja Yogis, is it Alan or me who is going against Shri Mataji's wishes?
Sahaja Yogis who are able to roar like lions and squeak like mice too
Sahaja Yogis, will human fiction or divine truth emancipate?
The stage Shri Mataji founded and was in charge is over
Tell All The Nations ...
Telling the Truth: "The only way is to start talking, announcing ..."
That process already been put into motion with forum and archives
The Empire Tarnishes Back
This evil of jealousy among human beings
Till today 10-29-2006 WCASY unable to muster courage and conviction
To all people around the world
To the general public the Sahaja Yoga message of Love is no different
To those management Sahaja Yogis who want to organize/suppress the Truth
Treatments are part of Sahaj but why do Sahaja Yogis remain sick?
Truth that subtle system Sahaja Yogis and WCASY conveniently forgot
Until yesterday, I have never heard of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Vancouver Collective mirror problems that plague most Sahaja Yoga collectives
WCASY and Sahaja Yogis, do you know why they can meet the Shakti?
WCASY do not officially uphold Shri Mataji's Message as requested
WCASY now claims that Shri Mataji speaks through him
We have seven years to TELL ALL THE NATIONS and usher Satya Yuga
We must be able to speak our minds
We need to see the 'tares' among the 'wheat', Rajan
What do Sahaja Yogis know about Self-realization?
What happens after Shri Mataji leaves?
What has happened even before Shri Mataji's passing
What has WCASY and the SY priesthood done to promote the Truth?
What if this job is not done by 2012? Won't it be a bit late?
What we need today is a conscious effort to see the thread connecting all
What will save the sanity of subtle system Sahaja Yogis?
What will the ignorant masses make out of Adi Shakti's message?
When a Great Event ordained to mankind is tactfully avoided
When did Shri Mataji say "I am God"?
When I looked back, the whole palace had collapsed
Who is Shri Adi Shakti? A reminder to all Sahaja Yogis
Who is the 'Shri Kalki' who whispered into Yogi Mahajan's eager ear?
Why are Sahaja Yogis spending so much energy and effort to suppress Truth?
Why has Shri Mataji announced the Truth in public for three decades?
Why is the Sahaja Yoga bureaucratic machinery so slow to respond to a crisis?
Why more yogis do not proclaim the true meaning of Sahaja Yoga?
Will Shri Mataji expel us if we announce the Divine Message?
Will the faithful need lemon and chilli meditations for salvation?
Will the nations receive or reject Jesus' "brethren" who come?
Without Her participation formation of a new organization takes place
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